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In two weeks’ time, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) goes to current the world with new details about our Milky Manner.

It is anybody’s guess what the announcement might be, however primarily based on what we all know of their latest efforts, there’s motive to get excited – the outcomes being offered are from the Occasion Horizon Telescope (EHT) venture, which was answerable for producing the first-ever picture of a black gap in 2019.


For years now the EHT venture has been finding out the guts of our house galaxy, the Milky Manner, which is probably house to a supermassive black gap often called Sagittarius A*.

No matter they’ve discovered, they’re making a giant deal out of it.

For the reason that scientists are internet hosting simultaneous press conferences across the globe, it is a good probability what they’re retaining beneath wraps is the subsequent instalment after the historic 2019 second of the primary black gap reveal.

A convention might be streamed concerning the findings on-line on 12 Could 2022 at 15:00 CEST (13:00 UTC, 9:00 EST), adopted by a YouTube occasion with six astronomers from world wide. Press releases will embody “in depth supporting audiovisual materials” (eek!).

If astronomers have managed to supply a direct picture of Sgr A*’s occasion horizon, it will likely be a historic second you do not need to miss.

Black holes are extraordinarily troublesome to picture as a result of they’re fairly actually invisible, absorbing all electromagnetic radiation. All that we will hope to see is the occasion horizon; basically, the black gap’s define, which represents the place gentle can now not escape the black gap’s gravitational forces.


However Sgr A* is obscured by a cloud of mud and fuel, which makes it notably troublesome to review.

If astronomers have imaged the black gap’s horizon, it ought to seem as a glowing donut. That is the black gap’s accretion disc, a hoop of fuel and mud that offers off excessive radiation because it falls into the abyss.

Glowing orange ring on a black background, with a fog of red surrounding it(EHT Collaboration)

ESO’s press launch is promising one thing “groundbreaking”, which is similar wording they used earlier than asserting the primary direct picture of a black gap in 2019.

This black gap was on the middle of the galaxy M87, and it has a mass 6.5 billion occasions that of our Solar. Its occasion horizon has a radius of roughly 20 billion kilometers, and it is actually distant.

Consultants evaluate taking a direct picture of it to observing an object 1 millimeter in measurement from a distance of 13,000 kilometers away (8,000 miles).

Srg A* is far nearer to us, being on the coronary heart of our personal galaxy. Nevertheless, it’s relatively small for a supermassive black gap, solely 4.3 million occasions greater than the Solar. It is solely detectable as a result of it is comparatively a lot nearer to Earth than M87*.

So if astronomers have lastly captured a picture of its occasion horizon, it actually could be groundbreaking.

We won’t wait to see what the ESO is about to point out us: watch this house. You could find extra particulars concerning the announcement right here.


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