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The brain-hijacking parasite Toxoplasma gondii appears to be nearly all over the place. The microscopic invader is believed to contaminate as much as 50 % of individuals, and a variety of research suggests it could alter human conduct, along with that of many different animals.


The parasite has been linked with a wide variety of neurological problems, together with schizophrenia and psychotic episodes, and scientists hold uncovering extra mysterious results which will consequence from an infection.

In a single such new research, researchers discovered that women and men contaminated by the parasite ended up being rated as extra enticing and healthier-looking than non-infected people.

On the face of it, that may sound unusual and unlikely. However hypothetically talking, the phenomenon might make sense from an evolutionary biology standpoint, scientists say.

Above: Composite pictures of 10 Toxoplasma-infected men and women (a), beside 10 composite pictures of 10 non-infected men and women (b).

Amidst the numerous neurobiological modifications T. gondii an infection seems to result in in its hosts, researchers hypothesize a number of the results could sometimes profit contaminated animals – which could then profit the parasite too, by subsequently serving to to spur its personal transmission prospects.

“In a single research, Toxoplasma-infected male rats have been perceived as extra sexually enticing and have been most popular as sexual companions by non-infected females,” researchers clarify in a brand new paper led by first creator and biologist Javier Borráz-León from the College of Turku in Finland.


A lot analysis has been dedicated to investigating whether or not comparable results may be seen in human circumstances of T. gondii an infection.

The proof is much from clear, however some proof suggests contaminated males have greater ranges of testosterone than non-infected males.

Arguably, males with greater ranges of testosterone may very well be extra more likely to turn into contaminated by the parasite within the first place, via better ranges of risk-taking conduct related to the hormone.

An alternate view, nevertheless, is that the parasite could be able to subtly altering its host phenotype, manipulating chemical compounds within the animal’s physique, akin to neurotransmitters and hormones, for its personal subsequent ends.

These alterations may very well be far-reaching, Borráz-León and his staff recommend.

“Some sexually transmitted parasites, akin to T. gondii, could produce modifications within the look and conduct of the human host, both as a by-product of the an infection or as the results of the manipulation of the parasite to extend its unfold to new hosts,” the researchers write.

To check this speculation, the researchers in contrast 35 folks (22 males, 13 girls) contaminated with T. gondii towards 178 folks (86 males, 92 girls) who didn’t carry the parasite.


All of the individuals (together with the contaminated) have been nonetheless wholesome school college students, who had beforehand had their blood examined for an additional research investigating T. gondii.

Following quite a few totally different exams involving the individuals – together with surveys, bodily measurements, and visible assessments, the researchers discovered Toxoplasma-infected topics had considerably decrease facial fluctuating asymmetry than the non-infected folks.

Fluctuating asymmetry is a measure of deviation from symmetrical options, with decrease ranges of asymmetry (ie. greater symmetry) being linked with higher bodily well being, good genes, and attractiveness, amongst different issues.

As well as, girls carrying the parasite have been discovered to have decrease physique mass and decrease BMI than non-infected girls, and so they reported each greater self-perceived attractiveness and a better variety of sexual companions.

In a separate experiment, a gaggle of 205 impartial volunteers rated images of the individuals’ faces, and the raters discovered the contaminated individuals seemed each considerably extra enticing and more healthy than the non-infected individuals.

Deciphering the outcomes, the researchers say it is attainable that T. gondii an infection would possibly produce modifications within the facial symmetry of its hosts via modifications in endocrinological variables, akin to testosterone ranges.


Additional, the parasite may be influencing metabolic fee in hosts, nudging contaminated folks in ways in which would possibly affect their well being and attractiveness perceptions.

That mentioned, all of that is hypothesis at this level, and the staff acknowledges different interpretations are viable too, together with the concept that extremely symmetrical, enticing folks would possibly in some way higher afford the physiological prices associated to parasitism, which in different regards are thought-about a burden to well being.

As for which interpretation is right, it is inconceivable to say for positive primarily based on this one research alone, and the researchers acknowledge that the small pattern measurement of their experiment is a limiting issue for its statistical evaluation.

For that purpose, future research with better numbers of individuals might be wanted to substantiate or deny their general speculation.

However possibly – simply possibly, they are saying – this perplexing parasite is not essentially our enemy in spite of everything.

“It’s attainable that the apparently non-pathological and doubtlessly useful interactions between T. gondii and a few of its intermediate hosts, akin to rats and people, are the results of co-evolutionary methods that profit, or at the very least don’t hurt, the health of each the parasite and the host,” the researchers write.

The findings are reported in PeerJ.


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